Mira Showers

Mira create different types of showers for different types of needs. At HGB Distributors, We know that finding the right shower for you can be tricky – from water systems to mixer showers it can be difficult to know where to start. We believe in making things simple. So whether it’s water systems, or the difference between a mixer shower and a power shower, we’re here to help. Watch the film above and use the animation to start your journey, and follow the links below for more detail on the different shower categories.

Or, for specific help and advice, please give us a call.

http://hgbdistributors.ie/Electric showers

Electric showers take water from your cold water supply and heat it by passing the water over a built-in heating element. All Mira electric showers have our unique Mira Clearscale™ technology, which reduces the build-up of limescale by up to 50%. A longer-lasting and better performing shower for you.

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http://hgbdistributors.ie/Mixer showers

Mixer showers take water from your hot and cold supplies and mix them to create the perfect temperature. All Mira mixer showers include our revolutionary Mira Magni-flo™ technology delivering up to 3x more water flow even at low pressure. No-compromise performance for sensational experience.

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http://hgbdistributors.ie/Digital showers

Like mixer showers, digital showers take water from your hot and cold supplies and mix them to create your ideal temperature. Our Mira digital showers go one step further – packed with technology and innovative features, this is the future of showering.

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http://hgbdistributors.ie/Power showers

Power showers mix water from both your hot and cold supplies to create the desired temperature using an integral pump to boost the water flow. This type of shower is suited to a low pressure system and a plentiful supply of hot water. Replacing an existing power shower? We recommend visiting the Mira mixer shower section to explore all powerful options.

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